Transition Capacity Building

Transition Capacity Building

Students with disabilities face challenges in their transition from school to adult life, especially in the transition from school to employment. Federal legislation requires local and state education agencies to work with the state vocational rehabilitation agency to facilitate a smooth transition from school to employment. Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) and the Texas Education Agency (TEA) have developed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to help guide the two agencies for collaborations. To effectively implement the MOU, TWC has proposed and funded several initiatives to enhance Texas’s quality of transition services. One of the measures is for Texas A&M University’s Center on Disability and Development to provide training and technical assistance to regional and local transition teams to build statewide capacity in providing quality transition services to students with disabilities.

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Texas Workforce Commission

Texas Workforce Solutions-Vocational Rehabilitation Services
101 East 15th Street, Austin, Texas 78778-0001  •  800-628-5115
Equal Opportunity Employer/Program
Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.
Relay Texas: 800-735-2989 (TTY) and 711 (Voice)
The Texas Workforce Commission accepts calls made through any relay service provider.

For purposes of the VR program, the Federal VR grant paid 78.7 percent of the total costs of the program. In Federal fiscal year (FFY) 2019, the VR agency received $221,936,258 in Federal VR funds. Funds appropriated by the State paid 21.3 percent of the total costs ($60,066,611) under the VR program. 

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