Person-Centered Employment Planning Training

The Person-Centered Employment Planning Training (PCEP) is a two-day training that provides an environment that supports customers in gaining the skills and experiences necessary for a successful transition into postsecondary education and/or competitive integrated employment.

Certified Person-Centered Planning (PCP) and People Planning Together (PPT) trainers will design and provide activities for students to identify career goals, social and independent living skills necessary for that career, as well as the steps necessary to reach their goals. Students will practice self-advocacy skills with the support of project staff and trainers throughout the development and dissemination of their plan. Developing a person-centered plan will lead to the pursuit of a career, rather than just a job.

A plan is most successful when parents/guardians understand the principles of person-centered planning and are working with their child to help them achieve their goals.

The training will be presented by both parents and persons who have disabilities that are certified with The Learning Community on Person Centered Practices. Four sessions will be offered for youth and adults aged 14-22 who are currently receiving services from the Texas Workforce Commission: Vocational Rehabilitation.

Waco Sessions


  • June 14th – 15th (student participants must be 17-22 years old)
  • August 9th – 10th (student participants must be 14-16 years old)


Education Service Center Region 12
2101 W Loop 340
Waco, TX 76712

College Station Sessions


  • May 31st – June 1st (student participants must be 17-22 years old)
  • June 7th – 8th (student participants must be 14-16 years old)


1812 Welsh St
College Station, TX 77840

This training event is organized in partnership between the Center on Disability and Development, the Texas Center for Disability studies at the University of Texas, the Brazos Valley Center for Independent Living and the Texas Workforce Commission.