Aggie Disability Awareness

About the Aggie Disability Awareness Virtual Workshop

​Tuesday, September 27th from 1-2:30pm via zoom. 

Virtual Workshop is an interactive 90 minute workshop designed to increase knowledge, awareness, and respect for people with disabilities among faculty and staff at Texas A&M University. The workshop is meant to promote strong dialogue about issues and information surrounding disability. All individuals are welcome to attend but attendance should never be mandated. In doing so, Aggie Disability Awareness will promote positive, equitable, accepting attitudes towards people with disabilities on campus.

The Aggie Disability Awareness Virtual Workshop will focus on:

  1. Developing knowledge of the social and medical models of disability, the history and legislation surrounding disability, and person-first and identity-first language,
  2. Acquaint faculty and staff to the principles of Universal Design for Instruction, and
  3. Discuss how to best work with and support individuals with disabilities.

If you need accommodations for this program, please contact us one week before your scheduled workshop to discuss. There is also an option to indicate accommodations on this registration form.

To participate you must be a staff or faculty member at Texas A&M University.

Workshop learning objectives include:

  • Disability and history
  • Legislation
  • People first language and Identity-first Language
  • Universal design and assistive technology
  • Accommodations

Register in advance for the ​Tuesday, September 27th zoom meeting:

Download the presentation (pdf):

Aggie Disability Awareness Workshop- 0922

You may also email Meagan Orsag to discuss scheduling a workshop for your department or college.

Workshop Facilitators:

Leslie Casarez photo

Leslie Casarez, LCSW
Senior Access Coordinator
Disability Resources

Meagan Orsag photo

Meagan Orsag, Ph.D.
Director of Rural Programs,
Center on Disability & Development

Nate Poling

Nate Poling, Ph.D.
Instructional Consultant
Center for Teaching Excellence

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Aggie Disability Awareness is a collaborative effort at Texas A&M University among:

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