Work-Based Learning Project


The purpose of the TAMU Work-Based Learning Project is to create authentic work experiences for high school students with disabilities in Texas. Our team works with selected high schools to implement Work-Based Learning programs on campus or in their communities. Through funding, training, and technical assistance, the project helps schools teach pre-emloyability skills and provide meaningful work experiences leading to paid employment.

For questions, support, and to submit an application email:

Robin Miller at





Lytle ISD takes the Coffee Cart student-based enterprise to the next level!

Watch the video linked below to see how one small school district elevated the idea of a student-run coffee business to include CTE, General Education, and the community.

Jolly Roger Coffee Co.


If you have a school-based enterprise or WBL model you would like to show off, please let us know about it.


TransCen-ing to Work-Based Learning Webinar

TransCen’s Dale Verstegen and Sean Roy introduce the various WBL models, go over the benefits of each, and how to develop a model at your school or expand your school’s current WBL model(s) that lead to employment outcomes for your students.

To download the PowerPoint click this link


To view the video click this link


This project is supported in part by Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) of the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) with a contract totaling $2,464,552.00 to the Center on Disability and Development at Texas A&M University. The contents are those of the project and do not necessarily represent the official views of, nor an endorsement, by TWC, VR, or the Texas Government. For more information, please visit for more information.

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