Affiliated Faculty

Photo of Jamilia Blake

Jamilia Blake, Ph.D.
Affiliated Professor

979-862-8341 |
Office: TAMU Harrington Tower, 706

Expertise: bullying, aggression, and victimization; school psychology; ethnic minority youth

Mack Burke
Associate Professor, Educational Psychology

(979) 845-4619 |
Office: TAMU Harrington Tower, 648

Research Interests
Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
Integrated Academic and Behavioral Approaches
Learning and Behavior Problems
Positive Behavior Support
Universal Screening and Response to Intervention

Melissa Fogharty
Associate Clinical Professor, Educational Psychology
Office: TAMU Harrington Tower, 708


Photo of Jennifer Ganz

Jennifer Ganz, Ph.D.
Affiliated Professor

979-862-2823 |
Office: TAMU Harrington Tower, 637G

Expertise: Autism spectrum disorders

Jim Ji photo - email link

Jim Xiuguan Ji
Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

(979) 575-1239  |
Office: 236B WERC

Research Interests
High-speed imaging in MRI
Biomedical image processing and their applications in cancer and neuroimaging applications
Research and development of engineering education methodologies and tools

Malt Joshi
Professor, Teaching, Learning, and Culture

(979) 845-8384 |
Office: TAMU Harrington Tower, 204

Research Interests
Bilingualism and Biliteracy
Differential Diagnosis and Intervention of Reading and Spelling Problems
Literacy Acquisition in Different Languages
Orthography and Dyslexia

Li-Jen Kuo
Associate Professor, Teaching, Learning, and Culture

(979) 845-8384 |
Office: TAMU Harrington Tower, 207

Research Interests
Bilingual cognition
Literacy developmnet
Metalinguistic awareness and reading development

Oi-man Kwok
Professor, Educational Psychology

(979) 458-1407 |
Office: TAMU Harrington Tower, 720

Research Interests
Health Related Quality of Life
Longitudinal Data Analysis
Mediation Analysis

Wen Luo, Ph.D.
Affiliated Professor
Mail: 4225 TAMU Harrington Tower

Educational Psychology
Applied Linguistics
Research Interests: Multilevel Modeling and Structural Equation Modeling. The specific research topics include modeling multilevel data with complex structures, assessing multilevel model fit and adequacy, determining the relative importance of predictors, and longitudinal data analyses. I am interested in the applications of these modern statistical techniques in research related to individuals with disabilities.

Marcia Montague
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology

(979) 458-0828 |
Office: TAMU Harrington Tower, 405

Research Interests
Classroom Management
Interventions for At-Risk Students
Special Education
Teacher Preparation

Elisa Beth McNeill, PhD, CHES
Affiliated Professor

979-845-2184 |
Office: 360B Blocker

Research interests

  • Health Pedagogy
  • Child and adolescent health status & behaviors
  • Teen pregnancy prevention
  • Pregnant and parenting adolescents

Jodi Nerren, M.A.
Affiliated Professor

979-845-8050 | 
Office: TAMU Harrington Tower

Expertise: B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Middle Grades Math & Science Education from Texas A&M and an M.A. in Human Development & Family Sciences from the University of Texas. Currently she is pursuing a Ph.D. in Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communication from Texas A&M

Isaac Sabat
Assistant Professor
Office: Psychology Bldg. Room 212

Expertise: Program of research broadly focuses on understanding and improving the working lives of stigmatized employees. He is interested in examining strategies in which these employees can engage, such as disclosing or acknowledging their identities, to effectively remediate the workplace obstacles that they face. He has conducted various interrelated projects that examine how the effectiveness of expressing one’s identity is impacted by the extent to which stigmas are previously known, visible, or discovered by others over time. 

Kelly L. Wilson, PhD, MCHES 
Affiliated Professor

979-845-3503 |
Office: Blocker Suite 318 - C

Research interests:

  • Child and adolescent health status & behaviors
  • Teen pregnancy prevention and healthy sexuality
  • Sexuality education training for professionals
  • Pregnant and parenting adolescents

Julie L. Thompson, Ph.D., BCBA
Assistant Professor
Office: TAMU Harrington Tower, 652

Research interests:

Julie’s research examines explicit instruction procedures to teach literacy skills to ethnically and linguistically diverse minimally vocal-verbal children with autism spectrum disorder in public school settings. She is particularly interested in instructional design, group instructional arrangements, technology-delivered literacy instruction, and gaze-behaviors of children with ASD when engaged with technology-delivered literacy instruction.

Steven Woltering, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor, Director of the Neurobiological Lab for Learning and Development, Educational Psychology

979-862-8973 |
Office: TAMU Harrington Tower, 718B

Research interests:

To better understand the role of self-regulation in our behavior and apply this to the field of education. Self-regulation refers to the ability to control your attention and emotions and this capacity is considered crucial for developing a cognitive and emotional competence.