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The Psychology Research in Inclusion, Diversity, & Employment (PRIDE) research lab focuses on disclosure of hidden stigmas (LGBT, early stages of pregnancy, religion, invisible disabilities, etc.) but they examine all aspects of diversity and discrimination. Dr. Isaac Sabat’s research broadly focuses on understanding and improving the working lives of stigmatized employees. He is particularly interested in examining strategies in which these employees can engage, such as disclosing or acknowledging their identities, to effectively remediate the workplace obstacles that they face. He has conducted various interrelated projects that examine how the effectiveness of expressing one’s identity is impacted by the extent to which stigmas are previously known, visible, or discovered by others over time.

The PRIDE lab is currently working on three projects related to disability and employment. First, a research team led by Jessica Walker has collected longitudinal data on employees with various disabilities. This project seeks to identify the primary differences in identity management strategies enacted by employees with invisible compared to visible disabilities, as well as the differences in workplace outcomes experienced by these two groups.

Second, a research team led by Briana Capuchino is designing a set of studies to examine the unique workplace barriers faced by employees with undiagnosed invisible disabilities.

Third, a team led by Daniel Nguyen is conducting a study examining the specific barriers faced by organizational leaders with mental illnesses. Each of these studies contribute to our overarching goal of identifying novel workplace barriers as well as organizational and target strategies to remediate barriers faced by employees with disabilities.

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