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Hi! My name is Shelbi Davenport. I attended the PATHS Program during the 2014-15 school year and it changed my life more than I could have imagined. PATHS gave me the confidence and self-esteem to realize that I can do anything I want. I just have to remember that it will take hard work and determination.

When I graduated from PATHS in May of 2015, I wrote on my graduation cap “I’ll Be Back”. This was my way of setting a goal to return to A&M one day. I am so excited to tell you that this goal has been accomplished. After three years at Blinn, I am now an official Texas A&M student. I can hardly believe it! The hours of studying, reading, taking tests, crying and worrying have brought me to this point.

I will begin classes this fall. My degree will be University Studies with an emphasis in Leadership. I am minoring in Child Development and Communication. I attended my New Student Conference on June 6-8. Thank you to all the employees of the PATHS Program. Keep doing what your are doing. You are making a huge difference in the lives of many young adults. All your hard work pays off.

I love that I found out about this program first. I am entering A&M with much more confidence and less apprehension than I would have as a brand new Aggie. I want to leave with a challenge for those of you who have difficulties learning and completing tasks like most people. YOU CAN DO IT! Try your hardest, put everything you have into it and if you at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.

Shelbi Davenport

PATHS program graduate, current University Studies Leadership major