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Brittney Draehn has been involved with Camp LIFE as a camper since the camp first started in 2004 and continued going until she was 18. Brittney became a counselor at Camp LIFE in 2017. She is the first camper to become a counselor.

“Camp LIFE was so much fun for me when I was a camper and I have so many awesome memories from camp. Being a counselor now is amazing. I get to see my camper enjoy the activities I used to do.”

Brittney is currently going to Blinn Community College and will be transferring to Texas A&M University to pursue her dream of teaching.

Brittney always knew that she would become a counselor at Camp life. Going from being a camper to now a counselor has been a great impact in her life. When she was a camper at Camp LIFE she learned that obstacles cannot stop her from doing things and participating in activities. As a camper no one is treated different and everyone can participate in activities. As a counselor, you get to be with a camper for the weekend and help them do the activities and so much more.

Being a counselor for Camp LIFE has influenced her life. Getting the opportunity to volunteer and be a part of the children’s lives is so special. “Camp LIFE has a special place in my heart and I am looking forward to the upcoming season!”

I wanted to become a counselor because I love children so much and wanted to impact their lives. I am going to college to become a special education teacher and getting more experience with children is always fun.

Brittney Draehn

Counselor, Camp LIFE