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Disability Services at TAMU has signed up for a few webinars though our professional association, AHEAD (Association on Higher Educating and Disability) and Salome Heyward, Best Practices.

When the topic overlaps the potential responsibilities and interest areas of other offices and staff on campus and the community, we try to invite others to join us. The February topic covers Facility and Program Accessibility, so we are reaching out to our physical access and programmatic partners.  Feel free to share with other staff members in your area that may benefit from attending.

A detailed description is below.  We will be meeting in the conference building modular next to the Disability Services modular building on west campus.  Feel free to bring your lunch with you.  This room also has beverage and snack vending machines.


Webinar Description:

College and Universities are obligated to ensure that programs, services and activities offered are readily accessible to individuals with disabilities. There are a number of recent cases that reflect that there is either a lack of understanding concerning the regulatory standards or a lack of willingness to ensure that individuals with disabilities are provided equal access. Topics that will be discussed include:

  • An Effective Access Plan: What are the necessary elements of a comprehensive plan, including barrier removal efforts, as well as, nonstructural alternative measures to achieve program access.
  • Ancillary Service Issues: How should institutions manage access issues concerning bookstores, food service and housing?
  • Navigating the Campus: What responsibility do institutions have regarding parking, path of travel, signage, as well as the sheer distance between essential locations?
  • The Institution as Entertainment Central: What is the responsibility of institutions to those invited to events hosted by institution personnel, as well as those hosted by third parties?

Speaker: Salome Heyward, Esq.

Presentation Materials will be posted the day prior.