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Camp LIFE’s next session is October 19-21, 2018 and we are seeking positive, energetic and empathetic adults to volunteer as counselors for this event. Counselors will be matched with a camper with a disability (ages 5 and up) for the weekend and will be the camper’s primary support.

Responsibilities include:

  • Attending Camp LIFE training on Oct. 14th from 2-5pm. We will discuss camp expectations, guidelines and safety.
  • Meeting the camper & camper’s parent/guardian and reviewing supports including physical, behavioral, and general –this informal meeting occurs at camp on the first night. It is a great experience for counselors to ask questions to both the camper and the families.
  • Acting as the camper’s primary support throughout the camp session. Some campers have more support needs than others and counselors can indicate their level of comfort with more involved support needs on the application.
  • Supporting a happy, inclusive, fun-filled weekend for all!

Please note that each new applicant must submit 2 references online and complete the online Child Protection Training by September 28th.

Professors – if your students require confirmation of field-based hours spent at camp please ask them to bring the appropriate form to camp for a signature. It is the professor’s decision if camp training is included in the field-based hours.

Contact Aimee Day for more information.