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Reaching out into the Community: How we are working to increase the number of Hispanic families who attend the Purposeful Life Family Training series


It is no secret that Aimee Day, Purposeful Life Project Coordinator, has gone above and beyond to include those facing cultural and linguistic barriers into her community outreach and education efforts. She was selected to represent the Center on Disability and Development at the Undoing Racism Workshop in Austin, TX. This summer, Aimee attended the Disparities Leadership Academy in New Mexico as one of four Developmental Disability Partners in Texas. Aimee stated that she is “always trying to find ways to reach as many families from diverse populations as possible. We’ve used email, flyers, and an ad in a local Hispanic newspaper. After attending the Diversity Leadership Academy, I learned that the radio is a major source of news for Hispanic families. I contacted Dr. Jose Caraballo-Rivera, professor at Texas A&M and part-time Radio Personality at Radio Alegria, to see if he could share information about our trainings on his show. He was extremely excited to find out about Purposeful Life and asked me to join him for a live 10 minute conversation about the program and how families can participate. Soon after we finished, I was getting calls from families that wanted to participate!”