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Jim Li visit -
How to operate a freight elevator

Jim Li was a Bridge to Career graduate who knows about the different types of elevators and the sounds they make.
He asked to make this video so everyone could know how to operate a freight video.


2019 Bridge to Career Photos


2019 W.A.C.O. Photos


2019 LEAP Session 1 - June


Austin Videos

Austin Video #1

Austin Video #2

Austin Video #3

Austin Video #4

Austin Video #5


2019 PATHS Graduation


Video of Graduation


Jurassic Camp Life - 2018

3 Photos from Jurassic Camp Life

Bridge to Career 2018

Student Statements

Sienna Emily Alexus Jim Li
Sienna Cardenas Emily Evermon Alexus Herrera Jim Li
Shelby Autumn Amanada Emma
Shelby Ravenscroft Autumn Savoy Amanda Spillers Emma Thomas
Olivia Havilah    
Olivia Vinton Havilah Walsh    

2018 Bridge to Career Photos


2018 LEAP Project - Session II

2018 LEAP Photos

Austin Presentations

LEAP Group photo in Austin

Student Statements

Alyssa Malone

Noah Martinez

Cade Ford

Elenora Reyes

Jerrit Green

Andrew Hebert

Cameron Grant


Andrew Gibson


Dye, Jr.

Angel Cruz





Kairee Brown

Earl Johnson




Work and College Opportunities (W.A.C.O.) project

2018 Photos

Student Statements

Seth Brown photo

Rouglyata Diallo photo

Chloe Flores photo

Julio Gomez photo

Zachery Kutcher photo

Seth Brown

Rougiyata Diallo

Chloe Flores

Julio Gomez

Zachery Kutcher

Shannon Marshall photo

Kennedy Robinson photo

Kenneth Small photo

David Yarbrough photo


Shannon Marshall

Kennedy Robinson

Kenneth Small

David Yarbrough




Leadership, Employability, and Advocacy Project (LEAP) 

Session 1: June 8-17, 2018


Student Statements about LEAP






Watch the Austin Visit




Blake Boudreaux

2nd Vice President and head of PR for the National Beep Baseball Association

Mr. Boudreaux was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, cancer of the eyes at the age of 14 months which left him almost completely blind by the age of 5. Mr. Boudreaux graduated with honors from Texas A&M University with a degree in Communications and a degree in Sociology. Following graduation, he pursued a career in vocational rehabilitation working with the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, Division for Blind Services. He has served as a Rehabilitation Teacher, Counselor, Independent Living Coordinator and is currently the Employment Assistance Specialist for the southeast region of the state of Texas.

View the Video on Youtube

Event Photos


C Degrate photo

LEAP & WACO Testimonial
Cekevia Degrate

Bridge to Career

W.A.C.O. Project

LEAP Session 2 2017 Photos

LEAP Videos from Austin on Youtube

LEAP Session 2 - #1

LEAP Session 2 - #2

LEAP Session 2 - #4

LEAP Session 2 - #5

LEAP Session 2 - #6

LEAP Session 2 - #7

LEAP Session 2 - #8

LEAP Session 2 - #9

LEAP Session 2 - #10

LEAP Session 2 - #11

LEAP Project Awards

LEAP Session 1 2017 Photos

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Alex quote - Stand up for yourself Ashley quote - Feel Valued Sarah quote - See things Branden quote - The key to success
Alex Gomez

Ashley Madden

Sarah Schroeder

Branden Heilman

LEAP Videos from Austin on Youtube

Slide show video

What did you learn at LEAP Video   (2016 Student Comments)


PATHS Program

Bryan-College Station Transition Conference 2017

2017 Texas Transition Conference

2017 Dining in the Dark

Camp LIFE Thank You 2016