iGROW Project Successes

Success Stories

We just wrapped up our first semester of iGROW and we would love to share some of the students’ great work.

With 19 students who were selected to participate in the first cohort of iGROW in Lee County, there were:

  • 19 students who have received Pre-Employment Transition Skills (Pre-ETS) instruction with teachers,
  • 19 students who finished up their first person-centered plans with goals for employment this spring,
  • 17 student applications were submitted for Summer Earn and Learn (SEAL) program with the Texas Workforce Commission and all of those 17 students will be working this summer via SEAL,
  • 6 students will be participating in the Leadership Employability and Advocacy Project on the Texas A&M campus this summer, and
  • 3 students will participate in the Youth Adventure Program on the Texas A&M campus this summer.
  • Plus, we hosted a community/parent training in the community this spring.
  • We hired a Program Coordinator, Angela Griffin

So much to be proud of here in Lee County.

Thank you to our local businesses for working with us to host a student this summer. And thank you to the 5 educators who are working as transition educators this summer to support our students on the job.

Thank you to our Lee County SEAL sites/employers! Please share a “thank you” to these businesses for being willing to host a student for 5 weeks this summer and help them learn more about employability skills.

Local Summer Earn and Learn (SEAL) Business Sites:

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