About Developmental Disabilities

Welcome to the Texas A&M University Health Equity for Developmental Disabilities Program!


This research project is led by Drs. Lei-Shih (Lace) Chen and Marcia Montague at Texas A&M University.


Woman with a young student with a disability

The Developmental Disabilities (DD) program aims to improve health care equity by building a support system for individuals with DD and their caregivers within the Brazos Valley Region of Texas. It will serve as a bilingual resource-rich training course provided in Spanish and English.   


About the DD program

The Developmental Disabilities program aims to help individuals with DD and their caregivers in constructing a support system for improvement. By participating, you will receive free resources for the duration of the program available at flexible hours. The Developmental Disabilities program includes support and free 24- hour virtual access of project project materials. Our overall goal is to promote health equity for individuals with DD beginning in the Brazos Valley region.

Student with a disability and a teacher

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