Center Leadership Team and Staff

We strive to equip individuals with disabilities and their families--as well as professionals and paraprofessionals--with vital support and information. If we can assist you in any way, please contact Dr. Meagan Orsag, Associate Director of the Center, at 979.845.4612 or

Dalun Zhang, Ph.D.
Center Director

979-862-6514 |
Office: TAMU Harrington Tower, 637C

Expertise: transition education and services for individuals with disabilities

Photo of Amy Sharp

Meagan Orsag, Ph.D.
Associate Director

979-845-4612 |
Office: TAMU Harrington Tower, 637D

Expertise: Transition; Postsecondary Access & Outcomes; Special Education Policy; Access and Equity; Equity Issues in Special Education; Qualitative Methods & Applications in Education Policy Analysis; Leadership Preparation; Teacher Preparation. 

Photo of Laura Stough

Laura Stough, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, 
Policy and Interdisciplinary Training

979-845-8257 |
Office: TAMU Harrington Tower, 709

Expertise: emergency management, disaster and research, qualitative methodologies, education.

Cheryl Grenwelge, Ph.D.
Director of Transition Service Programs, Associate Professor, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

Phone: 979-845-3727 | Fax: 979-845-6496

Office: AGVS #115

Dr. Grenwelge is an Associate Professor and Extension Specialist with the Texas AgriLife Extension Service. Her areas of expertise include transition services, secondary special education, self-determination, and youth leadership development.

Jessica Dees

Jessica Dees
Office Manager

979-845-4704 |
Office: TAMU Harrington Tower, 635

Tracy Glass

Tracy Glass
PATHS Program Director

Phone: 979-845-4461
Office: Harrington Tower, 637K

Fiona Allen

Fiona Allen
PATHS Practicum Coordinator

Phone: 979-845-1839
Office: Harrington Tower, 637H


Vanessa Richard
Program Coordinator II
Office: TAMU Harrington Tower, 619

Jacqueline S. Turner, Ph.D.
Research Specialist

979-458-0169 |
Office: TAMU Harrington Tower, 637G

Photo of Jackie Pacha

Jackie Pacha, Ph.D., CRC
Executive Director of Brazos Valley Center for Independent Living (BVCIL)

979-776-5505 |
Location: 1869 Briarcrest, Bryan, Texas 77802

Photo of Rick Peterson

Rick Peterson, Ph.D.
Texas AgriLife Extension Service Liaison, Associate Professor

979-845-1877 | rlpeterson@ag.tamu.ed
Location: 578 John Kimbrough Blvd, AgriLife Services Bldg, Suite 119 

Expertise: program development, evaluation and outreach and family life

Photo of Tanya Baker

Tanya Baker
Communications Specialist

979-862-4990 |
Office: TAMU Harrington Tower, 637B


Photo of Aimee Day

Aimee Ortiz-Day
Program Coordinator

979-862-2913 |
Office: TAMU Harrington Tower, 637J

Assists with the following programs: Camp LIFE, Purposeful Life and The Institute for Person- Centered Practices.