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Ms. Abadi  holds a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics. Upon her graduation from university, she was admitted as a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) at the University of Pennsylvania. Her experience at UPenn significantly broadened her horizons and changed her outlook and provided her with the tasks to drastically expand my knowledge of teaching and training methodologies.

“I have since shed my aspirations to involve myself in the world of human development. I always persisted on the idea that teaching would serve as a path which enables me to pay my attainment and contribution to the society.” Ms. Abadi reflected.

Currently, she is working as an Instructor in PATHS program at the Center on Disability and Development part of the Educational Psychology Department in Texas A&M University. The program provides training for people with special needs and prepares them for their future careers as direct support professionals, para-professionals or childcare professionals.

“This has made me more than determined to pursue my studies in human development to pay my contribution to the betterment and growth of individuals at any level. This will ultimately lead to the growth of a class, an organization, a society and even the world. People with special needs are sometimes excluded from social interactions with their typical peers. Therefore, I am taking steps to foster relationships between special-needs and their environments by managing the learning environment proactively to promote learning and create a plan to help trainees generalize their learning across settings and situations.”

Ms. Abadi’s  advice: “Working and studying as a graduate student, I have learned that the road to success is paved not only by talent and perseverance, but we also need to find the right path to our ambitions. PATHS helped me find my path to success!”