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How the Nation Has Come Together to Support Those with Access and Functional Needs

No one expected this. The amount of rain. The speed of the wind. The mass destruction within our state. But something that many did not expect was the strength of the support that Texans and those beyond our state borders provided to all of those in need – especially those with access and functional needs. Stories of these efforts flood our media outlets everyday since the day that Harvey landed on the Texas coast.  BBQ teams rallied together to feed nearly 10,000 first responders, a football star raised over $25 million and that number increases every day, the “Cajun Navy” left their home state of Louisiana with their own boats to rescue stranded Texans who were unable to be reached via car or truck, and disability-related groups joined in their efforts to share information and resources related to the relief efforts.

As a Center, we will continue to work with our faculty, staff, disability family groups, and agencies to create, establish, curate, and disseminate disability disaster resources to our fellow Texans and throughout our National Network.  Dr. Laura Stough is committed to further develop  the Disaster Resource Directory in the hopes that it will serve as a a major support tool for all those impacted and effected by disaster.