Aggie Ability Awareness

About the Aggie Disability Awareness Workshop

Aggie Disability Awareness (ADA) Workshop is an interactive 3-hour workshop designed to increase knowledge, awareness, and respect for people with disabilities among faculty at Texas A&M University. The workshop is meant to promote strong dialogue about issues and information surrounding disability. All individuals are welcome to attend but attendance should never be mandated. In doing so, Aggie Disability Awareness will promote positive, equitable, accepting attitudes towards people with disabilities on campus.

The Aggie Disability Awareness (ADA) Workshop focuses on (1) developing knowledge of the social and medical models of disability, the history and legislation surrounding disability, and disability etiquette and person-first language, (2) acquaint faculty to the principles of Universal Design for Instruction, and (3) discuss how to best work with and support individuals with disabilities.

Aggie Disability Awareness (ADA) is a collaborative effort at Texas A&M University among:

Center on Disability and Development

The Department of Disability Services

Center for Teaching Excellence


ADA is now part of two Certificate Programs: HELLO Teaching and Diversity in the Workplace

Teaching Certificate Program: ADA is part of a brand new certificate program, HELLO Teaching Certificate Program offered by the Center for Teaching Excellence. The Humanizing Education, Learning, and Leadership On/Offline (HELLO) program is designed to provide faculty and staff opportunities to learn about the following areas:

  • Active Learning and Student Engagement

  • Transformational Teaching and Learning

  • Learner-Centered Teaching

  • Instructional Technology for Student Learning and Engagement

Interested faculty and staff are invited to attend an initial orientation/informational session titled Humanizing Education, Learning, and Leadership On/Offline (HELLO2) on either of the dates below. Space is limited, so please register at (Please note that this certificate program is only available for faculty and staff. Graduate students can find other professional development opportunities here.) 

Diversity in the Workplace Certificate Program: ADA is also part of the award winning Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate program, which is for all Texas A&M University employees who want to contribute to a positive work environment and increase their ability to work effectively with others in a diverse workplace.  This program introduces participants to the value of diversity and inclusion, raises awareness about one’s own perspectives and how one’s actions impact others, provides education on laws and practices that impact hiring and respect, and offers strategies for creating and maintaining a workplace that not only accepts – but values – diversity. 

As a Texas A&M employee, please contact your supervisor for more information on enrolling in the Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate program.


To participate you must be a staff or faculty member at Texas A&M University.

All sessions have been filled. Please email Meagan Sumbera to request an event.



Seminar Resources

Aggie Ability Awareness Workshop (pdf)

People First Chart

Designing for All Learners (pdf)

Equal Access Universal Design of Instruction (pdf)

Universal Design for Learning Guidelines (pdf)

Universal-Design-Education-Principles-Applications (pdf)

















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